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Dolores Huerta- American Labor Leader- Co-Founder UFW
Jim Frazier, Assemblymember (AD-11)

Peter Garcia, President Los Medanos College/Diablo Valley College (Ret.)
Kevin Romick, Oakley Mayor

Johnny Rodriguez, Brentwood City Councilmember
Holland Barrett White, Pittsburg City Councilmember

Gary Walker Roberts, Contra Costa Community College District Board Trustee (Ret.)

Annette Lewis, Contra Costa Board of Education Trustee, District 3

Carlos Sanabria, Brentwood Unified School District Trustee

Joanne Durkee, Mt. Diablo Unified School District


Diane Gibson Gray, Antioch Unified School District Trustee

Yolanda Peña Mendrek, Liberty Unified School District Trustee 

Mary Helen Rocha, Antioch Unified School District Trustee

Matthew Belasco, Director of Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation, Pittsburg Unified School District

Gil Murillo, CEO,

Leonard Ramirez, CEO, Accession House

Evelyn Javier Centeno, Founder and President, Inspire Learning Institute

Paul Ramirez, Past Chairman, East County United Latino Voices

Felipe Luis Torres, Past Board Director, Los Medanos College Foundation

Laurie Huffman, Professor of World Languages, Los Medanos College

Joel Garcia, CEO, Tuburcio Vasquez Health Center (Ret.)

Enrique Palacios, Pittsburg Unified School District Deputy Superintendent (Ret.)

Iris Archuleta, JD, VP of Community Ventures Emerald HPC International, LLC

Pauline Allred, Liberty Unified School Board Trustee

Tina Flores, President, Quality Relief Medical

Casilda Gonzales, Director of Nursing Education, Unitek

Eva Graciela Garcia, Director, Ambrose Recreation Park District; Member, Bay Point Municipal Advisory Committee

Ruben Rosalez, Federal Manager, Department of Labor; Pittsburg Unified School District Trustee (Ret.)

Vincent Ferrante, Pittsburg Unified School District Board Trustee (Ret.)

Steve Hoagland, Director, Ambrose Recreation and Park District Board

Rudy Rodriguez, President, Mexican American Political Association (Ret.)

Dorinda Moreno, Educational Activist/Author

Carlos Sanabria, Brentwood Unified School District Trustee

Jon Elam, Brentwood City Manager (Ret.)
Pete Escovedo, Two-Time Grammy Nominee

Joel Garcia, Founder of MeCHA, La Legal Services

Jesse Arreguin, Berkeley Mayor
Tony Tiscareno, Personnel Commissioner, Antioch Unified School District; Antioch City Councilmember (Ret.)

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